6:40PM – VACAY

To some, VACAY might mean a break away from work.
To some, VACAY might mean trading in their struggles for the beach.
To Levi Randall, VACAY is the moniker of his singer/songwriter endeavor.

Aiming to capture a feeling of when things were easier and music was meaningful, VACAY is the newest project from Levi Randall and is symbolic of his goal to pave a laneway that will appeal to music fans of all ages and backgrounds. Some may know of Randall from his previous musical projects (Cardinals, The Juliets) or his lead acting role on Netfix’s music based show, “Lost & Found Music Studios,” but there’s much more behind the talented artist. With a new EP expected to drop next Friday, and it’s single “Moving You” recently hitting 1 Million plays on Spotify, today we are excited to premiere the title track off the EP, “Howlin’ Wind.” Give it a spin in the player above!

Randall shares with us the meaning behind the track. “Howlin’ Wind” is metaphoric for the fears and anxieties that hinder someone from fully enjoying their life. My hope is that this song will give the listener a sense of peace. A comfort in knowing they are not alone,” he explains. “Howlin’ Wind” is important as both a single and an EP as May is Mental Health Month and individuals around the world use this month to bring awareness to mental health, working towards having open communication and discussions around these issues. While some musicians work to produce music that will generate mass fandom, Randall remains committed to writing music with integrity and meaning, creating an identity that stands alone.